Investor Relations Case
Case Corporate Governance
Case Corporate Governance
案例名称: Overview
说明: Sound corporate governance      We have a diverse shareholder base. As of June 30, 2015, we had more than 40 Shareholders, comprising state-owned enterprises, non-state owned enterprises and individuals. We do not have a controlling shareholder. We aim to ensure the management's independence in the daily operations, and endeavour to carry out prudent corporate governance since our establishment without being affected by any single shareholder. Our Board of Directors delegates managerial powers to our management team. We encourage shareholding by our management and key employees, and promote a culture to invite our employees to share our risks and develop together with us.  We believe that our sound corporate governance and good culture enable us to make decisio...
案例名称: Shareholders Meetings
说明: As of the Latest Practicable Date, we had 42 Shareholders, with 23 being individual Shareholders and 18 being corporate Shareholders and one limited partnership shareholder. Our top 10 largest Shareholders held approximately 5.22%, 5.22%, 5.22%, 4.99%, 4.88%, 4.63%, 4.34%, 4.00%, 3.91% and 3.71% interests in our Company. The limited partnership shareholder is Foshan Venture Growth(holding 4.99% interests in our Company), of which Mr.Xie Yongdong is the general partner and the executive partner.
案例名称: Board of Directors
说明: Board of Directors    Our Board currently consists of nine Directors, comprising two executive Directors, four non-executive Directors and three independent non-executive Directors. According to the Articles of Association, all the Directors shall be elected by the general meeting for a term of three years, and are eligible for re-election upon expiry of their terms. The powers and duties of our Board include, but not limited to convening Shareholders' general meetings, reporting the Board's work at the Shareholders' meetings, implementing the resolutions passed at general meetings, determining our business and investment plans, formulating our annual financial budgets and final reports, formulating proposals for profit distributions and for the increase or reduction ...
案例名称: Board of Supervisors
说明: The board of Supervisors of the Company consists of six members. Except for the two employee representative Supervisors elected by employees,the Supervisors were elected by our Shareholders for a term of three years, which is renewable upon re-election and re-appointment. The functions and duties of the board of Supervisors include, but are not limited to: reviewing and verifying financial reports, business reports and profit accountants and practicing auditors to re-examine the Company's financial information; monitoring the financial activities of the Company; supervising the performance of the Directors, the president and other senior management members, and monitoring whether they had acted in violation of the laws, regulations and Articles of Association in the performance of thei...
案例名称: Senior Management
说明: Mr. Zhang Deben, is a executive vice president of our Group. Mr. Zhang joined our Group on July 6, 2009 as the vice president. He is responsible for day-to-day operational management of Anhui Financing Guarantee. Mr. Zhang is also a director of Anhui Join-Share and Hefei Consultancy.    Mr. Zhang received his bachelor's degree of economics from Anhui Finance and Trading College in the PRC in June 1992, majoring in statistics through self-study education. He received his master's degree of business administration from Anhui Insititute of Business Administration in the PRC in December 2003. In April 2008, Mr. Zhang obtained a certificate of completion issued by examination council of chartered accountants' at Ministry of Finance of the PRC. In April 1994, he also o...
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